Wigan Council evict tenant from property after drugs conviction

A man convicted for his role in a drugs gang has had his tenancy removed.

William McDowall, of Kingsley Avenue, Worsley Mesnes, was convicted of drug offences and was sentenced to 14 years in prison but he refused to sign a termination of his tenancy.

Wigan Council, as the landlord of the property, applied to the County Court at Wigan using the Absolute Ground for Possession legislation and a possession order was granted on 26th May.

This case is the first time Wigan Council has used these new powers to terminate a tenancy based on criminal behaviour of a tenant.

It means that anyone who was still living in the property based on the previous tenancy of William McDowall no longer has the right to remain in the property.

A Wigan Council spokesperson said: “We are determined to act in the best interests of communities across Wigan Borough and we will take all steps possible to make sure residents can live in safe communities. This is the first time we have used these new powers when faced with a situation where serious offences have taken place by a tenant.”

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