Who is Jonathan Sothcott?

Occupation: Film Producer

Age: 39

Height: 6’ 1”

Location: London


Best known for: Vendetta (2013), We Still Kill The Old Way (2014) We Still Steal The Old Way (2017)




Born in Redhill, Surrey in 1980 Sothcott became a film journalist in his teens and his first book, a biography of actor Christopher Lee with a foreword by Sir Roger Moore was published before he was 20. At age 24 he set up and ran The Horror Channel, making him the youngest television executive in the UK. In 2008 he switched to films, teaming up with actor Martin Kemp to make the short film Karma Magnet. Off the back of this, they made a feature ‘Stalker’ starring “the Sinner from Pinner” Jane March, Billy Murray and Colin Salmon. Sothcott and Kemp launched Black and Blue Films, where they were soon joined by Murray and made a strong of so-so horror movies including Dead Cert, Devil’s Playground and Elfie Hopkins, which starred Ray Winstone. Around 2012 Sothcott changed gears, re-focussing on British crime films, where he really began to shine. White Collar Hooligan was a sleeper home entertainment hit while Fall of the Essex Boys became DVD gold selling well in excess of 100,000 copies in its first year of release. In 2013 Sothcott gave frequent collaborator Danny Dyer the role of a lifetime in Vendetta, a gritty vigilante film described by Total Film as “a Brit answer to First Blood.’ Vendetta was the most successful British indie of the year.

Following the huge success of Vendetta, in 2014 Sothcott negotiated a landmark international co-production deal with American studio Starz to make 4 films per year for them. The films included the cult classics We Still Kill The Old Way and We Still Steal The Old Way.

In 2015 Jonathan set up Hereford Films to focus on high concept genre films for the international market. Bonded ByBlood 2 was widely praised as one of the most realistic Brit crime films in years, while horror The Exorcism of Karen Walker (aka Aura) won rave reviews from the genre press.

Hereford’s film The Krays – Dead Man Walking was the biggest non-theatrical UK film of 2018, outselling the likes of Black Panther and Ready Player One on its first week of release.

Sothcott is married to glamorous actress Janine Nerissa and they have 4 children.

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