Raya Films to bring Horror to Loughborough

The North of England may soon be the backdrop to the next production by Raya Films. Their debut feature “Do Something, Jake” drew crowds at its premiere and its red-carpet screening in London before winning “Best Feature” at the Midlands Movie Festival. The film was chosen as part of the official selection at the Southend Film Festival and Director James Smith received an honourable mention for his work by the Hollywood New Directors Film Festival.

This month distributor Meridian Releasing Group (MRG) have signed the debut feature film by Raya Films for worldwide distribution.

“Do Something, Jake stood out to me because it hit on all the elements that most independent films fall flat on. The performances were solid and believable, the pacing was excellent, and the shot selection really moved the story forward. This struck me as the type of film that would do well with an American audience. It has the look and feel of films that have done very well over here.” says Todd Rodgers, Meridian Releasing Group.

“The story behind the production of this film would make a movie in itself,” adds James Smith. “Post-production was a long and hard road, and by the time we were ready to screen the film, we didn’t know what we had. So, to get such a positive response from audiences and critics has been amazing.”

Already the makers of ‘Do Something, Jake’ are at it again. Headed up by director James Smith and producer-screenwriter Caroline Smith, the crowdfunding campaign for their next movie is currently in progress and at the time of writing at 39%.

Caroline Spence and James Smith founders of Raya Film London spent years trying to raise funds to kick off their film projects and came close! Named actors attached, sales agent attached, locations sorted. Despite very positive reactions to our screenplays from Hollywood and London, as unknowns with their “only” experience in making documentaries and no a track record in the feature film, the money just never came through.

When being asked to housesit in the Midlands for a month they saw an opportunity and decided there and then to push forward and shoot their debut movie. There was no money for production, a common story as indie filmmakers, but thought to experiment to see if they could make a feature film with commercial potential on no budget and thus ‘Do Something, Jake’ was born.

Spence and Smith turned to crowdfunding because of their previous experiences of near misses and disappointments which turned out to be the game changer.

For business or those individuals fancying themselves as budding actors or executive producers or simply looking to support for the love of film check out the rewards up for grabs in this campaign.

Follow and connect with these film industry disrupters on via www.RayaFilms.com or on social media www.facebook.com/DoSomethingJake/

Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/2y6o-BNNm-Y

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