Prisons Minister announces arrival of x-ray scanner at HMP Leeds

A new x-ray body scanner has been installed at HMP Leeds as a project to turn around 10 of the most challenging jails gathers pace, Prisons Minister Rory Stewart announced today (Friday 4 January 2019).

The scanner will allow staff to search offenders on an intelligence-led basis for drugs and other contraband concealed inside their bodies. Evidence found on prisoners can be used to support disciplinary action or criminal prosecution.

The scanner will help to break the cycle of violence that is fuelled by drugs and other illegal items, meaning prisoners can start the process of rehabilitation. X-ray scanners at the other jails involved in the ‘10 Prisons Project’ will follow in the coming months.

All 10 prisons have at least 4 metal-detecting wands in place and most of the prisons have trace detection machines that can be used to identify mail that might contain psychoactive substances.

The project was announced in August to tackle the serious problems facing 10 of the most challenging prisons in the country. This was backed up by £10 million of funding.

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