Norma Redfearn CBE has been appointed as interim mayor for the North of Tyne Combined Authority

North Tyneside’s Elected Mayor, Norma Redfearn CBE, has been appointed as interim mayor for the North of Tyne Combined Authority.

She has been appointed by the combined authority’s cabinet to be its figurehead until May 2019, when the first mayoral election is held in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

A directly elected mayor will then take office with powers and responsibilities over economic growth, skills, housing policy and enhancing places and communities across the North of Tyne area.

The appointment of an interim mayor is required by central Government and is in the legal order establishing the combined authority.

Candidates who intend to run for Elected Mayor have until April 3 2019 to declare.

Mayor Redfearn will combine the job with her current role and responsibilities as Elected Mayor of North Tyneside. The role of Interim Mayor does not receive any payment.  

In this role, she will chair the North of Tyne cabinet to oversee delivery against the authority’s Vision which outlines six key priorities or ‘pillars of ambition’: 

  • Champion of enterprise

Securing investment, fostering trade links and creating the infrastructure needed for sustained growth and prosperity

  • Leaders of tomorrow

Supporting a high quality, inclusive education system to ensures young people have the skills and qualifications to take up quality training, apprenticeships and jobs

  • Hotbed of talent

Giving everyone the opportunity to thrive, attain a fair wage and access good jobs with continued training and skills development

  • Spark of innovation

Supporting businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and flourish

  • Network of connections

Developing a better transport system and investing in an ever faster digital infrastructure to create stronger links across the North and internationally

  • Pride of place

Creating communities of inspiring places, homes and spaces that support more sustainable, low carbon futures, set within an environment where people want to live, work or visit

The appointment was made following a recommendation from the appointments panel which was established by the cabinet at its inaugural meeting on November 8.

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