Newcastle City Learning welcomed six Newcastle Falcons players to try their hand at sushi

Newcastle City Learning welcomed six Newcastle Falcons players who were keen to learn about the unique art of sushi making.

The educational session was organised as part of a planned team day off by former Falcons player Mike McCarthy, who now works as a Personal Development Manager from the Rugby Players’ Association (RPA).

The RPA supports the welfare of current and former rugby players across the country and works with players to look at education and training away from life on the pitch. It works closely with Newcastle Falcons players to gain confidence and explore a variety of opportunities that they can explore away from rugby.

The interactive half-day session was led by staff from Newcastle City Learning, based at Westgate College, who provided education to over 4600 adult learners last year. It covered every step of sushi making, from preparing the fish, vegetables and the key ingredient rice, all the way to the tricky part of rolling and cutting the sushi.

Newcastle City Learning provide a huge range of adult learning opportunities, from pre-entry level learning to Diplomas and higher-level management qualifications. It covers a diverse range of subjects including English, digital skills, art and design and horticulture.

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