Join in the pumpkin rescue in Selby!

Residents are being urged to join the pumpkin rescue and come along to a cookery demonstration in Selby later this month.

Top chef Nigel Brown will be on hand to share his pumpkin recipes to encourage everyone to reuse their pumpkins once Halloween is over with – to save them ending up in the bin.

Nigel will be demonstrating his seasonal recipes in Market Cross, Selby on Monday 29 October from 9am until 3pm.  Reusing pumpkins will help reduce waste but can also provide a healthy and economical meal.

The roadshow and cookery demonstration will also include advice on ways to make the most of your leftovers, as the Council’s Don’t be a Waster campaign joins forces with North Yorkshire County Council. There’ll be giveaways including recipe cards and gadgets to help you reduce your leftovers including spaghetti measurers, rice scoops and fridge thermometers.

You can also visit for more ideas and download their free app designed to help you save food, money…and the planet. Download a pumpkin recipe book here. Follow the #pumpkinrescue hashtag on social media for recipe ideas.

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