Former Keighley College building could be freed up for development

Funds are being released to demolish the vacant former Keighley College building on Cavendish Street if agreed by Bradford Council’s Executive, freeing up a crucial site for development.

The Executive has set aside £430,000 out of its general contingency fund for the estimated costs of demolishing the Cavendish Street building.

This includes all the associated works including temporary road closures, fencing, scaffolding, as well as digging out the foundations once the building has been brought down. The site will then be top soiled in preparation for marketing.

Coun Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “The demolition of the Cavendish Street building will be a big step forward for the site, and will make it more attractive for re-development. The Council will re-market the site at an appropriate time, once the demolition timetable is agreed.

“We know that town’s businesses back this proposal as it will eradicate an eyesore and prepare a key site in Keighley town centre for further development.”

The Executive will make a decision at their next meeting next Tuesday, 11 July.

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