Environment Agency aids scheme promoting fishing in West Bromwich

The Environment Agency has stocked the pool in Dartmouth Park, West Bromwich, with more than 2,500 fish as part of an exciting scheme to encourage angling participation in the local area.

The Environment Agency has put in 2,000 roach, 200 tench, 1,000 rudd and 300 bream to rejuvenate the pool and used Christmas trees to create floating fish refuges as habitats and shelter from predator birds.

Environment Agency Project manager, Darin Alberry, said:

The Friends of Dartmouth Park approached us for help to create a scheme to allow local disadvantaged people to take up angling and we were very happy to oblige.

The Friends of Dartmouth Park Angling Club has bought fishing tackle to be loaned out free of charge and are working to gain their fishing coach badges with the Angling Trust. They hope to launch free weekly angling sessions in the spring for disadvantaged people, with other members of the public being asked to make a donation to go fishing on the pool. Everyone will need to have a licence to fish there.

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