An illegal alcohol factory has been found in Liverpool by HMRC

An illegal alcohol factory, producing potentially toxic vodka, has been found in an industrial unit in Aintree.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) discovered the unit on July 19th and is warning the public and local retailers to beware of the potentially dangerous fake vodka, which was labelled as No 01 Imperial Vodka Blue.

The illicit bottling plant was dismantled and the alcohol, worth an estimated £45,000 in unpaid duty, was removed for further tests.

During the operation HMRC officers seized:
•one x 1,000 litre drum containing suspected counterfeit alcohol which is undergoing chemical tests
•counterfeit vodka labels for No 01 Imperial Vodka Blue
•bottling machinery, bottle tops and other labelling paraphernalia
•80 cases in unmarked brown boxes, each case contained 12 one-litre bottles of No 01 Imperial Vodka Blue
•a total of 1,965 litres of suspect alcohol was seized of which 965 litres was in finished labelled bottles.

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