£300,000 refurbishment for Branston Island flood reservoir

A reservoir that helps protect more than 7,000 homes and businesses in and around Lincoln from flooding has undergone a £300,000 refurbishment.

The work, completed by the Environment Agency over 11 weeks, involved repairing the banks and bank tops, plus concrete and mechanical repairs to sluices that control the flow in and out of the reservoir.

Branston Island flood reservoir is located 7 miles southeast of Lincoln and stores excess water from the River Witham. Together with the River Till and River Witham reservoirs, it helps reduce flood risk to the city of Lincoln and nearby villages.

Combined, the three reservoirs can hold over 11 million cubic metres of water – the same as 440 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Built in the 1960s, it is part of a system of sluices and engineered channels managed by the Environment Agency which includes Sincil Dyke, Boultham catchwater and the Great Gowts Drain to better protect 7,200 properties.

The reservoir was last used to store water from the Witham during a period of wet weather in winter 2012.

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