Unqualified Bolton Immigration Adviser given Community Order

Mr Hamidali Musa Jiva, owner and sole immigration adviser of Visa and Appeal Services UK, Bolton, was sentenced at Bolton Crown Court on Thursday (16 January 2020) to an 18-month Community Order, 180 hours of Community Payback and ordered to pay costs and compensation totalling more than £3,500.

Mr Jiva had previously pleaded guilty to four counts of providing unregulated immigration advice and services to a number of clients, whilst knowing he was not authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) as required by law. A further three offences are to remain on file.

In sentencing, Recorder Ashworth, took into account the impact Mr Jiva’s illegal and substandard advice had had on his clients, including a notice of deportation being served on one client and another needing to return to their country of origin in order to start a fresh application.

On sentencing Recorder Ashworth said in summary “This was a clear breach of trust in a serious matter. This was a course of conduct over a long period of time. You knew full well you were not allowed to do this, you held out that you were an immigration expert, qualified to provide immigration advice. The reason your registration lapsed is because you didn’t want to pay the fee. Regulation of this area is designed to protect people from the problems we see here”

Speaking about the decision, the Immigration Services Commissioner Mr John Tuckett said “Mr Jiva chose to operate outside the law and without regard for the protection of his clients leading directly to the problems they have since faced. I am delighted with the outcome in this case”.