How Ken Ibizugbe is changing the face of forex trading for around the world.

Ken Ibizugbe is a 28-year-old forex trader and the founder of Blue Capital Academy – one of the most prestigious Forex trading academies in the United States.

In this article, we learn how Ken’s firm is helping individuals around the world achieve success, and also discuss some of his achievements so far.

Get To Know The Brand
Blue Capital Academy is an academy that is built by traders, for traders. Ken started his academy on the 1st of February 2019 and with a little over a year of being active, the academy has helped hundreds, if not thousands of individuals with zero knowledge of forex to improve their knowledge of forex trading.

Blue Capital Academy offers its students live interactive sessions and a tri-weekly physical meetup at their office. During these meetings, students can rub minds with trainers and benefit from the insights of their counterparts.
Currently, Ken is working on a strategy where potential students can have the option of accepting ideas or not with their linked trading accounts. This will be a major breakthrough and add unprecedented value to the life of his students.

Solving Major Problems
Blue Capital Academy’s sole aim is to eliminate the lack of knowledge on the forex industry amongst its students. Each day, the team at Blue Capital Academy strives to equip its students with trading skills so they trade the proper way in the Foreign exchange market. Hence, giving them the key to financial freedom.

Achieving Success!
Ken has achieved a lot in his five years of trading Forex. One of his biggest achievements would be the time he made $700,000; this happened in the month of December 2018.

Also In February 2020, he hit his first million-dollar account. Apart from all of these, Ken has flipped an account from $985.51 to a whopping $100,000 in the month of March 2020. In the same month, he had his first $80,000 dollar sale from his forex trading academy.

How did he achieve all of this? Well, Ken shares that he doesn’t possess any unique talent, however, his ability to flip small accounts to 7 figures in just a week is a notable mention. Apart from that, his consistency and resilience have also played a big role in his success.

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