Celebrities set to descend on Manchester for film premiere

by Brian McKenzie

It will be a purely elegant and opulent affair as celebrities are set to descend on Manchester for the film premiere of Dangerous Game a hit flick featuring Calum Best.

The hottest ticket in town is scheduled for Showcase Manchester starting at 8.30pm with attendees a set to be wowed by a live screen introduction from Richard Colton the Director.

Celebrity guests in attendance on the night will include Calum Best, Darren Day, Jess Impiazza, Ricky Rayment, Amar Adatia, Alex Reed, Richard Colton, Amy Christophers and Stephanie Dooley Day according to a guest list seen by this outlet. 

PICTURED: Amar Adatia and director Richard Colton
The story of Dangerous Game revolves around Chris Rose who is a professional footballer from Essex, he finally gets the opportunity to play for the team he has supported since being a boy. 

Signing with them takes Chris’s career from the Championship to the Premier League. However, it isn’t a move that goes smoothly and, in frustration, Chris gets involved with a Russian organised crime syndicate who have their sights set on using young players to fix matches.